A Review of the Top Eight Dog Collars

Top 8 dog collars

A dog collar is one of the must-have accessories for a dog. It is a kind of accessory that needs to look nice since your dog wears it around his neck most of the time and it needs to serve its purpose of holding your dog too.After comparing many of the dog collars we come up with our choice of Top 10 dog collars based on their features and other factors.

Dog collars are the way you can attach the leash in order to hold your dog while out for a walk. You may want to hold your dog to something if you are in an unsafe place for your dog and you don’t want him to run away, here comes another use for a collar. It can also serve as a place to attach a name tag to.

Dog collars can have much more, in this list, you have the best dog collars you can have for your pal. We have reviewed the material, the average prices, the unique features and the drawbacks of these collars.

When in the market for the next time to buy a new collar for your dog, choose the perfect fit according to what you want from the collar, what style you like most, the budget you have for a collar, and of course the suitability to your dog.

  • LupinePet collars
  • Soft Touch Luxury Real Leather Padded dog collar
  • Blueberry Classic Solid Color Collection
  • GoTags Reflective Personalized dog collar
  • PetSafe Gentle Leader Headcollar
  • Kurgo Waterproof Muck Collar
  • If It Barks Martingale Collar
  • EzyDog Neo Classic Wide
  • Seresto flea and tick collar


LupinePet collars

Top 10 dog collars

LupinPet has all that you need from a dog collar. There are three width-sizes available, 1 inch for medium to large dogs and a ¾ inch for smaller dogs, and a ½ inch width for puppies.

Each of these size categories has neck size options too, so whatever your dog’s size is, there is a LupinePet collar for him.

Material is nylon, a durable material that is good for your dog and suitable for machine wash too.

You will be able to lock the collar around your dog’s neck with a plastic buckle, although it is plastic, it is of the strongest plastics to withstand any pulls.

The collar is adjustable around your dog’s neck with a D shaped ring of resistant steel to attach to a leash. The ring is stitched to the collar with strong bar-tack stitching, so the collar will never tear up.

It comes with six or seven plain colors with average prices starting from 7$ up to 25$ according to the width and length sizes.

Think that basic colors are not so cool? Then try the patterned LupinPet dog collars, you will surely find one that suits your stylish taste.


Soft Touch Luxury Real Leather Padded dog collar


Looking for an affordable dog collar with the highest quality material it can be, but at the same time, you don’t want to give up the stylish look for your dog?

Don’t worry, it is not something impossible. You have all features you dream of here in Soft Touch dog collars.

Made from top quality leather material makes it from the best leather dog collars ever.

The collar is made for the comfort of your dog, it looks so beautiful from the outside and it is soft and comfortable from inside. It has a large D ring on the opposite side of the buckle to attach the leash to.

Aesthetic speaking, the collar has two colors, one on the front side and the other on the backside of the collar.

For name ids, there is a small ring near the metal buckle. Both the name id ring and the leash ring are made of metal that won’t rust by time.

Average prices start from 20$, as the size increases, price increases too.

The company is so confident that the collar will serve its purpose that they offer a lifetime guarantee for their collar.


Blueberry Classic Solid Color Dog Collar Collection


As you just read from the name, it is a collection, not just one collar!

What makes it a collection is the hundreds of options available for this dog collar. There are about 21 available solid colors and 4 available sizes. There are options of reflective stitched threads too.

If you don’t want it to be that simple you can choose a customized one with the same solid colors but with a customized text of another color of your choice.

And if you like the idea of a martingale collar, you have this option too.

These many options come at the most affordable price for a dog collar, it starts from 10$ only.

The fabric of the collar is nylon, the d ring is of long-lasting metal and the buckle is plastic.

The collar has nothing fancy except the wide options you can choose, so if you are searching for a regular budget-friendly dog collar, go for blueberry collection.

You can get a leash of the same color and material of the collar to complement the set. You can also get more than one set inasmuch as its low price.


GoTags Reflective Personalized Dog Collar

 dog id tag
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Why buy a dog collar and name id tag when you can have both in one product?

Not just it is a two-in-one product, but also it gives you the freedom to create customizable text on the collar. You have the option to write your dog’s name, your phone number, your name, or whatever you want.

Choose red, blue, black, orange, or pink as the base color of your dog’s collar. Then choose another color for the letters you want to be written on the collar, there are 15 colors available. And finally, create your personalized text, the text shouldn’t exceed 25 characters limit.

The text is written using a thread stitched into the collar, so it will never wear out.

This dog collar is made from nylon, which is a common material for dog collars. The lock is a plastic buckle similar to most collars.

It has 3 sizes, make sure you choose the right size so when adjusting the collar on your dog’s neck the slider doesn’t rest on the text.

Prices vary according to the size, the average price is 20$ making it one of the best personalized dog collars.


PetSafe Gentle Leader Headcollar

Best dog collars
Source:  Amazon.com.au 


Are you taking your dog for a walk in a crowded place and you want to keep him to stop pulling and walk near you?

Here is the gentle leader headcollar, it is a normal dog collar that goes around your dog’s neck with another loop that rests around his mouth.

The idea of this extra loop is to control the pulling of your dog without much pressure on his throat like other dog collars that revolves around the neck only.

The dog will be able to run, jump, bark, and does what he is used to doing with any collar but with some control from your side.

Both loops around his neck and his nose are adjustable, and the product itself has 5 sizes to choose from.

The collar comes with a DVD including videos of how to use the collar and all information you need to adjust the collar and use it in the right way.

With 5 available sizes, 8 colors, and the highest price of 15$, the collar is a perfect choice for outside walks.

Be careful not to pull the leash too hard because this will be pulling your dog’s jaw too.


Kurgo Waterproof Muck Collar

Best dog collars
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The coolest dog collar we have found so far.

The collar is similar to a fashionable belt with nice colors and patterns. It has a steel buckle just like any of your belts with holes to adjust the size of the collar.

Instead of a normal D ring for attaching the leash, the collar has a bottle opener which serves as the attachment point of the leash and a key for opening bottles.

The top feature of this product is that it is the best waterproof dog collar. It allows your dog to swim and play in the water with the collar around his neck without worrying it will absorb water and annoys him when he is out.

This waterproof material is odorless, and it doesn’t get moist creating a good environment for bacteria, so it is a practical one.

When you are back from playtime with your dog in the garden, you can easily wash the collar under running water or wipe it with a moisture piece of cloth.

The collar has 3 sizes and many color options. All come with an average price of 15$. You can get a leash with the same pattern too.


If It Barks Martingale Collar


A nice safe alternative for choke collars if you believe choke and prong collars are too cruel for your dog.

Martingale collars are ordinary collars but part of the collar is a second small loop with the D ring attached to it for connecting the leash.

This dog collar is suitable for dog training and outside walks because when you pull on the leash, the smaller loop tightens but till a certain fit, supposedly the size of your dog’s neck, so it won’t choke or harm your dog. And that is why you should buy the right size of this collar

Since it is a dog training collar, the material is a durable washable material, and the D ring and tri-glide are also of good material. So, in terms of quality, this dog collar is the one.

Regarding colors, you have about 10 different color combinations to choose from, you can also choose a collar with a plastic buckle or without.

Maybe the drawbacks of this dog collar are that it is wide so it won’t be suitable for any dog, and its price compared with other dog collars is high, it costs around 32$.


EzyDog Neo Classic Wide Dog Collar


EzyDog Neo Classic dog collar is definitely one of the best dog collars for large dogs.

The features of this collar are too many, the most important things a dog owner is looking for in his dog’s collar are probably a good material, a nice design and comfort wearing. All of these features are in this collar.

The material is good and withstanding, it is made of polyester with padded soft material from inside all around the collar, and even the buckle won’t touch your dog’s skin.

It is waterproof but not odor-resistant although it doesn’t retain much odor.

It has reflective thread stitched to the collar, so it serves well at night.

There is a separate ID tag ring and the usual leash ring, both are made from good metal.

The adjustment system for this dog collar is a little bit different, it has a Velcro sizing snap, so you fit the collar to your dog’s neck once, and you can easily get it off and on with the normal plastic buckle.

Available in four sizes and four colors with a price of 32$, this collar is a perfect choice for everyday use but not for small puppies.

Seresto flea and tick collar

flea and tick dog collar
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Fleas and ticks are a nightmare for dogs and their owners. How about a flea collar that can help you get rid of fleas and ticks?

The collar is not a permanent one, it has medical ingredients within and it will produce these ingredients over a period of 8 months. These ingredients will kill the fleas and ticks and prevent them from reaching your dog’s body all along this period.

Not to mention that the ingredients it produces are odorless, so the whole process won’t be annoying for your dog.

So the dog protection collar is for the treatment of fleas and ticks and at the same time prevents them. If you want year-round protection you have to buy this collar every 8 months.

The best thing about this dog collar, besides of course being a kind of relief to fleas and ticks, is the ability to put on this collar along with any other customized dog collar for style.

Seresto dog collar has two sizes for over and under 18 lbs. dogs, both are 46$.

This dog collar is of higher prices than normal ones, but with the treatment feature, you may want to consider it.


Final thoughts on Top 8 dog collars


As you can see from our pick of Top 8 Dog Collars, options are endless. Different collars have different features and use.

You may think you need to buy more than one collar for your dog, it will be a good idea if your budget allows for that.

If you can just afford one collar for now, think of the most important reason you want a collar for.

For normal uses, Soft Touch dog collar is from the perfect qualities you can get, and for cheaper options, LupinePet is a good idea.

If you love personalized dog collars, Blueberry’s Collection and GoTags Personalized dog collars will give you the best collar.

When it comes to the best dog walking training collar, PetSafe Gentle Leader Headcollar and If it barks martingale collar will give you the best control over your pooch, while Kurgo Waterproof Muck Collar will be perfect for pool time.

And if you want other fancy features, you have the GPS dog collar.

Consider the size of the collar, most of the Top 10 dog collars are adjustable but even with the range of adjustability, collars mustn’t be too tight or too loose. Your dog’s neck must fall in between the widest and narrowest adjustability range of the collar.

Having unique dog collars and leashes is nice, but before taking the buying decision, put your dog’s comfort in mind too. Think if your dog has any problems with any kind of collar materials because, at the end, the collar will rest around his neck