BarkWise (Collars) are safe, using vibrations and ultrasound to train your dog to stop barking

BarkWise (Collars) are safe, they are humane and they really work.

The above statement is a bold one, however its a fact that the Goodlife Barkwise Collars work to stop barking and when used correctly in training they remove a number of issues that too often arise when dog training starts.

We are aware that you love your dog, but his barking too often drives you  and your family never mind the neighbours crazy. Her she too often barks when cars go by , they often barks when birds fly through the backyard or the neighbour’s cat walks along the fence. They more than often bark when the friendly neighbours pass your property on a run, or kids are walking along the street. in front of your home.  Plus we won’t even mention what happens when the doorbell rings.

We are guaranteed that you are close to being at your wit’s end and you need something that actually works to stop the barking and assist in your dogs training . But you love them and you’d never want to hurt them with a shock collar. If this sounds like your struggle, you’ve come to the right place.

bark wise device and collars

One of the many questions we are asked :

1. Is BarkWise painful?

No. Unlike shock collars that are extremely painful and confusing to dogs lets face it you tell him or her that you love them, you show affection and then cause them pain WHY?, To remove this problem and dilemma we introduce the high-pitched sounds & vibrations that are emitted by BarkWise which are completely humane and will not hurt or create pain for your dog.

2. Will BarkWise eliminate all barking?

Some of us have a dog to stop potential intruders and a part of that is the fear , annoyance barking that occurs when a stranger tries to enter your home or even your property. Well lets understand that BarkWise stops nuisance barking – such as barking due to boredom, or fly bye birds, cats on the prowl.

By design, BarkWise will have little effect on instinctual or protective barking such as barking at an intruder it is when it becomes a pain in your life, that is the type of barking we want to eliminate or reduce. Dogs will associate the noise or vibration of the bark wise with the activity they are involved in , lets face it they are not dumb animals.

Where to Use BarkWise

BarkWise goes everywhere your dog goes – that’s the great thing about choosing a collar. It can be used indoors, outdoors, at home, or on the go. In the car , out walking, out running, at a picnic in the park. Or even at the local coffee shop .

barkwise no bark collar dog indoors    barkwise dog collars no bark

How It Works

Your BarkWise now includes exclusive Advanced Bark Recognition™ Technology. Specifically designed this technology ensures the most consistent activation every time your dog barks, but without false activations to other sounds or growling or barking (a common problem with other brands of bark collars). No other collar offers this level of superior bark detection for quicker and more effective training of your dog.

What we have is a design that activates every time your dog barks, BarkWise will send out a powerful high-pitched tone plus vibration, depending on your chosen settings.

Dogs find this sound and the vibrations extremely annoying, similar to fingernails on a chalkboard. Most dogs learn pretty quickly that if they are quiet and avoid barking, they won’t hear or feel this irritating sound or vibration anymore. The ultrasonic sound can be used by itself, or in combination with vibration to distract your dog from barking.

barkwise inner working of the no bark device

How long does it take for BarkWise to work?

BarkWise is a training device, and as with any training method, results may take anywhere from a couple days to a few weeks. This will depend on how quickly your dog takes to the training, how often you have the collar and device fitted, when and what times of the day you use the device.

Ultrasonic Sounds

Like a dog whistle, this inaudible, high-pitched sound can only be heard by your dog. It’s loud enough to get your dog’s attention, but is completely safe and humane, given the the audible range is too high for the human ear.

Vibration of the Collar.

BarkWise uses vibrations similar to the vibration mode on your mobile. This interrupts your dogs barking or unwanted behavior. We all know how that vibration feels in your pocket or pocket books, handbags.

What is the vibration setting?

As stated earlier we use either the ultrasonic sound, or the vibration which is in fact a great tool on itself for bark control. Again the vibration is an inbuilt response to barking, BarkWise vibrates similar to how a cell phone does. This directs his focus to the annoyance of the vibration and off of barking. As stated the dogs will soon come to realise that the vibrations only occur when they bark.

Audible Sound

This optional feature can be used in combination with ultrasonic sound. Its great for hard-of-hearing dogs or if you would prefer to hear when BarkWise is activated. This is a simple change to the setting as outlined in the manual. Where we set the audible sound to kick off when the inaudible ultra sound kicks if for the dog. Ideal when you want to know if the system is working.

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BarkWise is a Worthy Investment

At the current price BarkWise is easily the best option when it comes to training your dog. Visit this blog post to find out how BarkWise compares to other popular training solutions.

Features of the BarkWise Collars Device.

100% Humane based Shock Free

Advanced Bark Recognition™ combines with ultrasonic sound and vibration to train your dog the correct way.

Rechargeable Battery: Saves you time and money – just charge it like your mobile.

Durable and Water Resistant: For all dogs, and puppies that love rain, mud, and sprinklers, BarkWise has a waterproof rating of IPX4.

Remote Control Option: Choose to have BarkWise activate automatically or control it yourself using the pocket-sized remote.

Benefits of the Remote as far as training your dog goes.

  1. Manage the vibration or Sound or both at your discretion, Example: Your dog start to unrinate indoors , click the device and then take the dog outside and he or she will get to understand where and when to urinate.
  2. Manage the ultrasound or vibration whenever the dog jumps up on you or a friend or child , again the action results in annoyance and he or she will soon understand.

There are many more circumstances that we are sure you will get to understand as to how you can use the remote to your advantage when training you dog. or larger size puppy.

Video: See BarkWise in Action

In this video , in the dark of the travelling car you will meet Sadie, our local Shaussie (a Sheltie and Mini Aussie mix).

Like yours she’s a great dog who just gets a little too excited sometimes. She has a bad habit of barking at other cars on the road, which gets old really quick on a long road trip.

BarkWise has as you will see in action safely and humanely helped her break this habit. She still gets excited when she sees other cars, but the extra barking has completely stopped! much to our joy when taking trips with her in the car whether they are long or short.

Can my dog wear his regular collar while using BarkWise?

For best results we recommend removing your dog’s regular collar and tags while using the BarkWise Collar. This will help prevent false activations from the sound of your dog’s tags. Optionally, you may attach your dog’s ID tag to the plastic loop included on the side of the BarkWise collar.

If you wish to use BarkWise during walks, we recommend attaching your dog’s leash to a separate harness.  If you do not have a harness, we recommend turning the bark sensitivity all the way off and using the remote control to activate the BarkWise manually.

barkwise device no bark on bulldog    barkwise on small dog

What size of dogs can BarkWise be used on?

Currently, there are no restrictions on what size of dog BarkWise can be used on. The collar is adjustable between 6–24″ (15.2–61 cm) and the electronic unit is ergonomically designed to fit the contours of your dog’s neck. It only weighs 2.2 oz (62.4 g) so it won’t weigh your dog down. Just to be sure we ask you to consult your veterinarian before using this product with puppies under 1-year of age especially the smaller versions.

Are there any restrictions on how long the collar should be worn?

Barkwise is a training system or device , like all devices of this nature and to avoid the contact nubs rubbing on your dog’s neck and causing discomfort, BarkWise should only be worn for up to a maximum of a 12 hour period.

Lets face facts the BarkWise can be worn for 12 hours at a time, but is your dog that bad. We should all consider that these are training devices and when we are done with training they can be removed. Do you keep your dogs collarr and tags on all day ( especially given most of use have our dogs internally aged for recognition) Plus of course this will also give you the chance to charge the unit while your dog enjoys collar-free time.

BarkWise (Collars) are safe, using vibrations and ultrasound to train your dog to stop barking
The Good
  • * Fits large or small dogs
  • * Safe and Humane No shocks
  • * Uses both vibration and Ultrasound when required
  • * Gives the owner the option
  • * Moderate costs when compered to effectiveness
  • * Can be triggered remotely
The Bad
  • * Seperate from Collar you need to buy that accessory
  • * May rub on neck if left on to long a period of time (more than 12 hours)

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