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OnGuard Dog Training and Anti Bark device from Goodlife Review

OnGuard Dog Training and Anti Bark device from Goodlife This is a Hand Held Training Device that can be carried in your car, handbag, carry case for use anywhere at any time and often without any distraction to other members of the public, your family or friends. this hand held device is a behavioural correction…

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Barkwise antibark collars

BarkWise (Collars) are safe, using vibrations and ultrasound to train your dog

BarkWise (Collars) are safe, they are humane and they really work. The above statement is a bold one, however its a fact that the Goodlife Barkwise Collars work to stop barking and when used correctly in training they remove a number of issues that too often arise when dog training starts. We are aware that you love…

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Dog Silencer by Goodlife Review

Dog Silencer® MAX Most popular! The most advanced technology designed for extra stubborn dog barking, 40% LOUDER than our market-leading Dog Silencer. Stops dog barking up to 90 m away – up to 6× farther than the competition while still humane and shock-free. Stop dogs barking without having to confront your neighbour. Imagine a quiet home where you can relax…

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