OnGuard Dog Training and Anti Bark device from Goodlife Review

OnGuard Dog Training and Anti Bark device from Goodlife

This is a Hand Held Training Device that can be carried in your car, handbag, carry case for use anywhere at any time and often without any distraction to other members of the public, your family or friends. this hand held device is a behavioural correction on-demand device, that can be used anywhere you need it. Use this to Stop barking, stop jumping, and other unwanted behaviours.

All dogs are good, but they are even better when trained.

We know that all dogs wants to be good, they just don’t always know how.  It is often that unwanted behaviours can be frustrating and even embarrassing for both you and the dog when corrected verbally and often. The best way to stop these types of behaviours is to train your dog. You might say ‘easier said than done,’ but the OnGuard dog training hand held device makes it easy.

It allows you give your dog instant feedback, right when the bad behaviour is occurring . This gives you the dog owner and trainer control of the situation so you can teach or train, treat and repeat each exercise on your way to a better relationship with your dog or dogs.

You can as we stated take the Onguard dog training device anywhere you take your dog. Toss it in your bag, backpack, purse, or pocket. OnGuard dog trainer is always ready to help, at home or on the go. Hers is a great tip – Take it everywhere and get in to a habit of doing so.

There are often times when dogs belonging to other people act in a manner that offends us, and yet we are powerless to do anything bout is . Well that is no longer true. If you are carrying your Onguard training device you can do a little training without every one being aware – turn it on and watch the changes being made.


Plus you can use the device as a powerful deterrent for people that attack or offend you by using the inbuilt Safety Alarm  If you have ever been in a shady situation? With the OnGuard, next time you feel you are in danger you can simply press tat  panic button. A loud, pulsating alarm will sound and will not turn off until you tell it to. –

LED Light or Torch

The OnGuard’s device also has a high-powered torch that may just be the best you’ve ever owned. With 4,800 lux at 0.3 m, this is one bright light. Use it while taking your dog out for his midnight potty break or simply use it for DIY projects around your home. Carrying this as a defensive item with the torch and the alarm as well as being able to control other dogs in the area as you walk yours.

Running and Walking Device

Too often we are caught out at night running or early in the morning before dawn we take off and on the run encounter difficulty in seeing where we are going, or encounter someones dog out and about of the lead. wITH THE on guard handheld device we can brighten the running track with the torch element or ward off unwanted dogs with the Ultrasound section of the device ( a simple point and press the button scares 99% of animals away.

      Main Features

OnGuard is great for training your dog any place, any time. It emits a high-pitched tone specifically targeted for a dog’s hearing range. Most humans can’t even hear it.

Don’t worry though – there’s an indicator light that shows you its working. Use the ultrasonic function to deter your dog from unwanted behaviours like barking or jumping on the furniture. Digging in the garden, jumping up on visitors to your home. Behaving while out walking

We must profess that we tend to use this type of training device Instead of shock collar or device. OnGuard uses a humane, high-output ultrasonic sound to stop barking and other behaviours and avoids all inhumane treatment of yours and other dogs.

How The Onguard dog training device works

Every time your dog does something naughty – barking, jumping, leash pulling, etc. – simply point OnGuard at him and press the bottom button. The ultrasonic tone will be irritating enough to distract him and stop his bad behaviour, but without causing any harm. As soon as he stops, give lots of praise and maybe a treat!

Ultrasonic Sound for the Onguard dog training

Good Life Silencer


The star feature of the OnGuard allows you to simply point the device at your dog and push the button. He will hear a sound that you don’t and he wont be fond of it. With time, your dog will learn that if he doesn’t want to continue hearing this sound, he needs to be a good boy.

Watch the Video: See the OnGuard Handheld device in Action

Meet Logan. He’s a very active, loyal, and smart (sometimes too smart) German Shepherd. He is very friendly but loves to bark every time someone rings the doorbell, knocks on the front door, or passes by the front window. This video demonstrates how OnGuard can be used to help stop barking at the door.