Bark Collar – AntiFury Non Shock Rechargeable No Bark Collar for Dogs

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AntiFury Bark Collar for Small to Medium Dogs

Non Shock Rechargeable No Bark Collar for Dogs

  • Water Resistant Bark Control Device,
  • Pain-Free, Safe,
  • Ultrasonic Vibration –
  • Training Collar for Dog Barking Control and Behaviour

Noise Free, Worry Free, Bark Free, and Guilt Free

  • A GENTLE, HUMANE ANTI-BARK TRAINING TECHNIQUE: The only thing worse than your pet continually barking is your pet being in pain. That’s why our collar uses painless shock-free vibrations and sounds to slowly break your canine’s noisy habit.
  • HOW IT WORKS: This bark deterrent device uses ultrasonic stimulations that increases in intensity as your dog continues to bark. A microprocessor distinguishes your dog’s bark from other noises and delivers a sound and/or vibration after each bark as a deterrent. There are 7 levels of sensitivity so you can adjust the setting suitable for your small dog or medium dog.
  • COMFORTABLE, ADJUSTABLE AND DURABLE: Built with your pet’s comfort in mind, The Woof Guard automatic bark collar strap is made with adjustable, breathable nylon webbing so it can be worn for long periods of time without irritation. The length is adjustable from 15cm to 50cm. The behaviour controlling collar is weather-resistant, and pet-friendly.

AntiFury Bark Collar for Small to Medium Dogs - Non Shock Rechargeable Collar for Dogs,

  • OUR PROMISE: We guarantee a high-quality, high-functional product, and we also guarantee to provide the best customer service possible. If there are any issues or problems with the collar or any parts, we will gladly replace these free of charge.
  • We are proudly 100% Australian-owned brand and we have committed to donating part of our profits to support RSPCA Australia.
  • PLAYFUL AND CHEEKY: Our dog accessories aesthetically stand out from the competition because we didn’t want a bark control device that looked boring or clinical. Instead, we opted for stylish with a touch of sarcasm.
  • The band comes in black with a reflective pattern for night time. The faceplate comes with interchangeable orange, blue, and green tags. Both funny and functional, our collar is a fantastic solution to your barking problem.





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  • Chachacha says:

    My toy poodle barks A LOT! If I’m in the same room, I can tell him to be quiet and he will (usually). The issue I had was at night when he roamed the house and we were asleep. He would hear noises and bark non stop. As we are sleeping in another room, I would have to get up and tell him to be quiet, but he would always start barking again an hour later. After many nights of interrupted sleep I was tearing my hair out. I bought the collar and tested it during the day. We had someone ring the doorbell and our dog did his usual trick of running and barking like crazy. The collar beeped and he didn’t hear it! He barked again and the next beep, it made him pause, but he barked again so the collar buzzed. This made him stop and look around surprised. We rang the doorbell again and this time, it took 2 beeps to make him stop. When someone came to the door in the evening, one beep and he stopped barking. That night, I heard him bark once and stop immediately. It works!!! Now we only put the collar on at night. Our dog knows when we are switching collars. He immediately behaves differently and moderates his barking. During the day, he barks as usual and I don’t mind as I like him to alert me if someone is approaching the house. At night, we can finally sleep!

  • Grumpy Old Woman says:

    Hi I’m PJ, and my dog is addicted to barking. And not just barking. He likes to yowl and bork and howl as if the very hounds of hell are racing up the driveway.Fly in the house? Must bork.Black sack looking ominous? Must bark as if death himself is about to emerge from said sack.Branch fallen on the ground? Growling and frenzied barking are required to ensure branch does not try and kill anyone.You get the picture.But the worst, most ear exploding, most eye rupturing sounds are saved for the car.The yowls and psychotic bork-borking when we near the park or (heaven forbid) I get out of the car without him, are loud enough to bring whole armies to their knees.All from a pup that is only slightly bigger than my cat.We’ve tried many methods to stop this car carnage. Bribes, threats, distraction, dog whistles and the good old squirty water bottle amongst them.But his need to carry on like someone is ripping his entrails out has proven too much of an addiction.I point blank refuse to use anything that would hurt him, so citronella and electric shock collars were never an option.This little beeping, vibrating thingummy was last option before we gave in and started using ear plugs.Turned it up to 3 and popped it on his neck to a high level of snugness and drove off. And bugger me Aunty Edith’s old backgammon set. Woofing in the car is muchly reduced. MUCHLY reduced.He still goes bork-bork batshit if I leave the car, but the rest of the journey, although not totally silent, is MUCH better.

  • Tightassdude says:

    Our Jack Russell / Bits-a (bits of this. Bits of that), is a good boy EXCEPT at sunset and early dark. Not sure why, but he go crazy every night, leading to us having to tie him up all night. Now, thanks to the Shut the Bark Up collar, we’ve not tied the dog up over night once. The whole family is now getting better sleep with not having to get up at night to let him go to the toilet… If your dog barks too much, this really works with helping / teaching dogs to bark less. Battery life is good as well. The only thing I couldn’t work out was how to change the front face plate. Appart from that, I’m happy and would recommend it to anyone. Not humans though….