Barkguard Starter Kit – Latest Version

How Barkguard Citronella Spray Collar Works

Simply install the battery and collar strap and switch it on. Please note that there will be an initial spray each time you switch it on, it is a feature that we added to minimize clogging issues that other brands are prone to.

Each time barking noise is detected, the collar initiates a spray of citronella towards the dog’s lower jaw. It is inoffensive, without any static shocks nor loud noises, yet highly effective in discouraging your dog from barking excessively.

Research studies have found that citronella spray collars have 88% effectivity rate as a barking deterrent.

Barkguard citronella spray collar impacts four of your dogs senses through the spray based training. They smell, they hear, they see and they feel it.

Most dogs will learn quickly and their excessive barking will soon be history.


Why Barkguard Anti Bark Spray Collar?

  • Safe and humane solution to stop your dog’s excessive barking
  • High quality products and support
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Legal in all Australian states, endorsed by rangers and councils
  • Parts availability (batteries and refills are always available from our ebay store)
  • By purchasing from us, you are purchasing directly from the manufacturer


Barkguard Anti Bark Spray Collar is lightweight and efficient in size, making it suitable for most dogs, from small to larger ones. This eliminates the need to purchase another barking collar when your puppy grows up; it also means that you may be able to pass it to a family or friend who have dogs that bark excessively.

We sell
Barkguard training products directly to customers, offering the best prices and services for the global market. Backed with combined of 35 years of experience in pet training industry, we have extensive knowledge of our products and are able to provide you with solutions, perform repairs or services, as well as listening to your opinions and inputs for future developments of Barkguard products

Barkguard products are sold in many countries worldwide. Our spray collar unit is CE certified and established to perform within, and in many cases, well above your expectations. It is lightweight, efficient in size and durable– suitable for most dog breeds and sizes. By purchasing from Barkguard, not only you are getting highest quality products at greatest prices, but also quick, efficient and friendly service in which represents the true Australian standard.

Citronella spray collar training is simple, it needs to give correction when barking sound is detected; nothing more or less. There is no actual need of fancy features such as warning beep and bark counter, when all it does is just adding weight on the product. By keeping it simple yet effective, we can then accommodate the need of most dog owners in providing them with a low price, high quality and durability, citronella spray collar.


We recommend you to check other brand refills prior to purchasing them. There seems to be generic / unbranded refills being sold on ebay without considering the danger of what it contains and the purpose of use of the product.

Propane (C3H8) is used as a propellant for hairspray, yet these sellers of the generic refills fail to explain the dangers of Propane. Put it simple, propane is lighter gas, and is highly flammable and explosive.

By using Propane based refills in your spray collars, even when they claim that there is negligible risk, you are still putting your dog in a huge risk. Our test of their highly flammable refills indicates that flame of up to 1M long could be ignited with a lighter with the spray coming out of most citronella spray collars.

Imagine the risk when you/someone else smoke not too far off the dog and cause the damage.The small $$ saving is not worth the risk of your dog’s health, wellbeing and more importantly LIFE!

We use R134A as our citronella refill propellant. R134A replaced an older refrigerant coolant called CFC-12; unlike CFC-12, R134A does not damage the ozone layer. R134A has been used for years as barking collar refills with great results and satisfaction. We recommend you to stay away from unproven, cheap refills for the safety of your pets.

                                                                                                     Product Specifications

Spray Device Dimension: 50x50x35mm

Weight: 70g including battery

Powered by 6V L1325/4LR44 battery (included) up to 25 sprays per full fill of spray device (each 85g refill can yields out 200-225 sprays)

Adjustable nylon strap from 18 cms to 60 cms



Each Start Kit contains

1 Barkguard spray device

1 Barkguard adjustable nylon strap (adjustable from 18-60 cms
1 85g Citronella refill

1x 6V 4LR44/L1325 battery

Plus the Barkguard instruction manual


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