Dogtra 200C Remote Training Collar – 1/2 Mile Range, Waterproof, Rechargeable

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DOGTRA 200C E-Collar

Static Correction, Vibration – Includes PetsTEK Dog Training Clicker

This Dog Collar incorporates several features making it the most reliable e-collar designed for behavior modification of dogs. Whether training detection or obedience, in rain or snow, this system has proven to be as durable as it is reliable. The remote dog trainer has a 1/2-mile range

  • ONE-HANDED CONTROL: The Dogtra 200C is intuitively designed that allows you to control the stimulation levels and inputs at your fingertips. The placement of the controls on the transmitter allows for one-handed operation with a ‘no-look’ control to keep your focus and attention on your dog
  • PERSONALIZED TRAINING: Customize your dog’s training experience with 100 signal levels and 3 different modes: momentary nick, constant, and pager vibration only mode. The level of sensitivity or intensity can be adjusted with the transmitter, while the stimulation is in use
  • COLLAR DESIGN: Waterproof, ergonomically-shaped, sleek, sturdy, lightweight, and equipped with plastic shielded contact points. DISCREET LOOK: The receiver collar is durable, but designed discreetly so it is not as bulky and noticeable; providing you with discretion during your training time.
  • 1/2-MILE RANGE: The range of this training e-collar is perfect for any and all simple training commands for your dog. SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: For dogs of all breeds and temperaments. Best recommended for dogs 10lbs and above. This training tool can be used basic obedience, hunting, and K-9 training
  • BONUS: Soft Silicone Pet Grooming Glove Included! PACKAGE INCLUDES: Dogtra 200C Collar Receiver, Dogtra 200C Collar Transmitter, Splitter Cable, Battery Charger, Owner’s Manual

Dogtra 200C Training Collar -          Dogtra 200C Training Collar - 1

Looking for an easy and effective training tool for your dog? The Dogtra 200C is intuitively designed for precise, yet safe, control. You’re able to operate the 200C with one hand, allowing you to focus your attention on your dog during training.

This compact e-collar has a 1/2-mile range and offers unique features that creates a completely customizable training experience. The 200C has 100 correction levels, allowing you to select the desired level of intensity needed for your dog, depending on their needs and reaction. The intensity level can be quickly adjusted at any time, including when stimulation is in use. There are 3 different stimulation options; momentary nick, constant stimulation, or a vibration alert sent via the HPP (High Performance Pager). The constant stimulation mode sends the signal for up to 12 consecutive seconds while the button is pushed, however, a unique safety feature will cease stimulation even if the button is accidentally pushed longer. This innovative technology ensures an extremely safe and humane experience for your pup.

The 200C receiver is intuitively designed to make training your dog easy to use, regardless of your experience. The transmitter is ergonomically designed, using a front-facing dial and tactically placed buttons that let you control the stimulation levels and inputs at your fingertips. The placement of the controls on the transmitter allows for one-handed operation with a ‘no-look’ control to keep your focus and attention on your dog. Both the receiver and remote transmitter are fully waterproof and rechargeable. The 200C training tool is perfect for dogs of all breeds and temperaments, effective for any level training required, and is recommended for dogs 10 lbs and up.


Package Includes:

– Dogtra 200C Collar Receiver

– Dogtra 200C Collar Transmitter

– Battery Charger

– Splitter Cable

– Owner’s Manual

– BONUS Soft Silicone Groomi

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  • Karen says:

    THIS IS EDITED. After the first collar stopped working in only 2 months, the company sent me a replacement… THAT collar crapped out after almost 3 months. For almost $200 I would expect this to last much longer. My Frenchie does not go swimming, hunting, sky diving , or any other activities that I might attribute to maybe causing the shock function to stop working. The pager was still working, but the shock feature stopped on both collars. Disappointing, as this, when it is working is a good tool.Original review: I was hesitant to use this, I had to get a private trainer to get my Charlie to listen to me. She recommended this product, it has been a game changer. Now, after only a very short time (less than a week) he comes when I call him…even at the dog park while playing with other dogs! I rarely have to use it, he knows when I give a command to react appropriately!I don’t have to worry now, if he gets away from me…he will come when I call him.

  • Courtney Hoovis says:

    Received this, fully charged it and started using it. It was amazing the difference in our dog. Then later on in the day went out for more training and I was pushing the button and saying my command and my dog was totally not listening. I would push it and be saying my command simultaneously for 10-15 times and then all of a sudden my dog would yelp and jump like he had just gotten shocked. I immediately took it off and put it in my hand and pushed the button. I felt nothing for probably 15-20 pushes and then suddenly I’d feel a big surge of a shock. Tried contacting the company and couldn’t get through so I returned it. Very disappointed.

  • Debra Neil says:

    The product is a good price for a system for two dogs, and my dogs are responding well to the vibrate feature if they are too far to hear me call them. They will return whenever I call them even without even using any features “IF” they are wearing the collars. I did replace the cheap plastic collars with nicer collars that I pre-fit and snap on. Would recommend the collars. I would give it a 5 star but I don’t like the plastic collars, but you can buy nicer ones to attach.