eXuby 2-Pack Friendliest Bark Collar for Small Dogs – Most Humane No Bark Collar



eXuby 2-Pack Friendliest Bark Collar for Small Dogs

  • No Prongs,
  • No Shock & No Harm –
  • Only Sound & Vibration –
  • Stay in Control with 7 Levels of Intensity –
  • Rechargeable –
  • Most Humane No Bark Collar

Specifications:- Minimum Strap Diameter: 2”- Maximum Strap Diameter: 7”- Collar Device Dimensions: L: 2.5” W: 1” H: 1.5”- Product Weight: 1.4 ozListing Includes:2x Bark Collar Unit with Adjustable Nylon Strap 2x USB Charging Cable2x Manual

eXuby 2-Pack Friendliest Bark Collar for Small Dogs

  • FRIENDLIEST NO BARK COLLAR – Other bark collars use painful shock & pointy prongs – Our bark collar uses only sound and vibration – Stops the barking while keeping your dog happy and safe – No prong & No Shock
  • INNOVATIVE 2018 CHIPSET – Loaded with the latest chipset, our bark collar will alternate between sound and vibration while increasing and decreasing the intensity to make your dog stop barking in the shortest time possible – All the while keeping your dog happy
  • DESIGNED FOR SMALL DOGS – Our bark collar was created specifically for small dogs such as pomeranian, shih tzu, yorkie, maltese, Chihuahua, dog toys and more – The collar can be adjusted to a point where it can hold a human thumb very tightly
  • EXUBY BARK COLLAR VS. OTHERS – eXuby (No prongs & no shock) – Others (Prongs with shock) | eXuby (Rechargeable) – Others (Not rechargeable) | eXuby (Compact design) – Others (Bulky) | eXuby (Latest Chipset) – Others (Outdated technology)
  • PERFORMANCE & LONGEVITY – eXuby 2-Pack Friendliest Bark Collars are developed with quality in mind for dependable performance – And they are made to be durable ensuring longevity

eXuby 2-Pack Friendliest Bark Collar for Small Dogs ..

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  • Laura Ebrahimi says:

    it took long time to decide if to order these Exuby bark collar because they are described for small dogs. I have 3 West HIghland White Terriers, about 20 lb each, so not so small. Instead the collar is super adjustable and the strap can go a long length, so I believe it would fit even much bigger dogs. They should write the smallest and longest length in their description so more people would buy. I liked the fact that there are no prongs, so the only bother for the dog is the ultrasonic sound and vibration when they bark. My dogs are about 10 years old. At first they were puzzled, but in a matter of a few days, even keeping that collar on only for 5-6 hours I noticed they would bark less and less, so I keep it charge just in case, but I do not actually need to put it on. I had to find a solution because of a nasty neighbor who hates dogs’ barking and escalated it to a point that I had to defend myself and my dogs from his complaints. Wish they would offer a pack for 3 collars as well. Many people have 3 dogs. Not knowing how these collars were before ordering the pack with 2, I ordered the third one in a different brand just to try and test the difference, but they are very similar and work the same way. All together I would recommend this product.

  • V. Abate says:

    I have a Shih-Tzu who barks when he sees people, cars, or even chipmunks outside. We live in a rural area so this happens maybe once an hour or so. He doesn’t stop until I draw his attention away from whatever made him bark. Working from home this means either the dog stays indoors where he is quiet, or I risk a barking dog in the background on conference calls. I was very, very nervous to use any type of collar to curb the barking problem. After reading up on no shock collars, I realized a beep would likely have the same result as me tapping the window – enough to pull his attention away with no physical discomfort. I decided to order the Exuby. I got the 2-pack because it was only $5 more and I thought I could keep one fully charged.The product is made in China. I don’t typically buy products that are not American made and was not aware this wasn’t, but since I already had it in my hand, it wasn’t a game-changer for me for this purchase. Of greater concern was, once I opened the package there was a cancer warning on the inside box. Luckily, there were numerous flyers in the box with a call us or email us with any questions note. Before doing anything with the collar I sent the following email to exuby: I just received my Exuby Barking Control Collar and on the package is a large warning that this product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Specifically what chemicals is this warning referring to and specifically where in the collar are they located? I am concerned about my dog. Is this a danger only if ingested or is there danger just wearing it? The response came very quickly – within two hours. Response was: There are dangerous chemicals in lithium battery that is dangerous to us and our pets. But as long as the battery is not tampered with and is sealed it should be fine.Knowing my dog isn’t one to pull at or try to get out of a collar I felt it would be ok to use the product. If I had a dog that ate things, pulled or shredded collars, etc – I’d be cautious and maybe only use this under supervision. One additional note, the collar tends to want to slip when you tighten it so getting it set takes a little doing, but once done it’s great.On to the review: Very easy to charge, very lightweight so absolutely comfortable for my small dog. Easy on/off. The first beep did the trick – seriously. Since using this collar (I don’t leave it on him, I use it when he is outside unsupervised only), there have been 4 barks. One appropriate when the mailman pulled up. The mailman came to the porch for the delivery and pet the dog (very friendly dog, just barks before this collar!). We can now take the dog with us for rides, take him to public events, and overall having this collar on has made him less nervous. He understands it is not his job to warn us about everything. Overall, I would say the dog isn’t thrilled to see the collar come out, but he does let us put it on him and his behavior has improved without him seeming distressed or unhappy in any way. For us, this was a fabulous purchase.

  • JordiLeigh says:

    Just got this today and our two small dogs were the quietest they have ever been! The vibration and beeping is enough to remind them not to bark but does not hurt them. So far so good! Only reason it has 4 stars is because it beeped often when my smallest dog (5 lbs) would shake but she is tiny so I will try tightening it a little tomorrow.