Pedigree Dentastix, Large Dog Dental Treats, Adult, 56 Count

5 out of 5


Dogs Use Their Mouth For Everything, So Having Healthy Teeth And Gums Is Absolutely Essential For Them To Be The Best Version Of Themselves. Yet 4 Out Of 5 Dogs Over The Age Of 3 Years Suffer From Gum Disease, Which Can Slow Them Down As Well As Lead To Vet’S Treatment. With The Help Of Vets And…

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  • Tannedhaggis says:

    Great price for the value pack with fast delivery. However not sure if they actually do anything for my dogs teeth, he recently had his teeth cleaned at the vet and I purchased these to keep them that way. However I Have doubts that these are anything but a treat.

  • T R Cunningham says:

    I bought these on sale and my dog, a little cavalier cross, really loves them! I bought the ones for big dogs, because my dog is a real chewer, and I’m glad I did because she goes through them in less than an hour – the little ones wouldn’t last very long at all. Overall, very happy and my dog is too.

  • Charlie Pickles says:

    I have two LABs and they usually gulp their food with not much chewing. So I was pleasantly surprised that they chewed these which is required to make them work.Excellent value especially with PRIME. I got my annual PRIME membership costs back in the first month.