PetSafe KeepSafe Break-Away Safety Collar

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Learn How to Prevent Collar Accidents for Your Dog or Puppy,

Learn How to Improve Safety, Compatible with Lead Use,

The PetSafe KeepSafe Break-Away Collar  is designed to allow your dog to play and explore safely. The risk of dangerous collar accidents with traditional collars is higher than many owners realize.

When a dog’s collar becomes snagged on an object such as a fence, kennel, branch or even the teeth of a canine playmate, the results can be tragic.

A snagged collar can result in injury, strangulation or even death. The KeepSafe collar minimizes the risk of such accidents because its patented break-away buckle is designed to harmlessly separate when the nylon collar becomes snagged.

The KeepSafe collar can literally be a lifesaver for your best friend!designed to allow your dog to play and explore safely. The risk of dangerous collar accidents with traditional collars is higher than many owners realize.

Petsafe KeepSafe Break-Away Collar,

PROTECT YOUR PET: The KeepSafe Break-Away Collar is the only collar with a patented buckle specially designed for quick release to help prevent tragic collar accidents

STURDY, REUSABLE BUCKLE: The unique break-away buckle design separates when pressure is applied if the collar becomes caught or snagged; it easily snaps back together so it can be used again and again. A separate traditional snap buckle allows the collar to be put on and taken off easily

WORKS WITH WALKS: Two metal D rings located on either side of the break-away buckle let you easily secure the KeepSafe Collar when walking your dog; fasten the lead to both D rings to prevent the collar from breaking away during lead walks

PERFECT FOR PLAYTIME: Many collar mishaps occur when two or more dogs are playing together at home or at the park – jaws, paws or claws become snagged in a collar; the KeepSafe collar can help prevent playtime accidents for your dog and his buddies

EASY REPLACEMENTS: If your KeepSafe Break-Away Collar ever becomes damaged due to chewing or scratching, contact PetSafe’s U.S.-based Customer Care Center and a replacement can be sent for a small fee

Petsafe KeepSafe Break-Away Collar,

SIZE INFORMATION: Medium 2.5 cm collar: Adjustable 35.5 – 50.8 cm length; 2.5 cm width; If you’re having trouble fitting the KeepSafe collar, please contact PetSafe’s U.S.-based Customer Care Center for help before returning your purchase

EXPERIENCE: PetSafe brand has been an industry leading U.S. manufacturer of pet behavior, containment and lifestyle products since 1991, helping millions of people and pets each year


From the video above we will hear more information on the Break Away Collar

We are talking to you today, but a new product from pet safe. We love pet safety, makes for great products like the easy walk that harness and today that gave us their keep safe breakaway collar.

The idea is it’s, a regular collar, you’d, put on your dog with a special device that will break away in the event of a watch. This is to stop dogs from strangling self-regulation or getting your collars stuck in a fence or a post or another dog.

The story goes, the founder had a tragic accident or her dog itself was self strangled by their own collar. So she is critias breakaway buckle. The instructions are really good. Tell you how to reconnect it.

You would put the leash between the two brass D rings. It would buckle like. So if I was wondering how much pressure would it really take to break one of these? Unlike most pipes, I’m, not gonna try this one on the dogs.

Instead, I’ll. Try it on myself and show you so I’m pulling it. I’m, not strangled, but it’s tight. I really wasn’t that much. It was definitely enough that you’re, being pulled and being yanked. It wasn’t hard enough.

That would cause more pain on the dog for it to break. I was ugly, not soft enough for it to break accidentally now. Let me show you how to reattach it now. All you do is slide it at a 90 degree angle, and then you twist it and push you part in.

We can always buy these products on the website through pet, safe pet, safe com. I will link in the blog, of course, where you can buy. It. Should you buy it? Well, it’s. Kind of like buying insurance.

You won ‘ T need a product like this until it’s too late. So you don’t want to be victim of a tragic accident or have any cash strangulation incidents and for ten bucks, its we’re gonna spend on any other collar.

So why not you know it’s, not a bad thing to have it all more product reviews, gear reviews, places to go and thirteen thousand dog friendly locations near you visit us online at dog, friendly, calm,


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  • Kip says:

    Good quality. Well packaged. Arrived on time.As it does break apart easily, you can’t grab the dog by the collar!However, since I bought the collar for peace of mind when my dog is unsupervised in the back yard, I am very happy with the purchase!

  • P32B says:

    These collars are great. Bought this as our springer pup has outgrown the smaller one now.Being a springer he loves the bushes, brambles, long grass even gorse. He has got into a bit of bother and the collar splits exactly as I want it too. Too many horror stories or dogs like springers getting choked when tangled up out of site in a bush.Cannot fault this collar and recommend it to all who worry about their active bush diving nutty dog choking.

  • Lois says:

    I bought this a couple of months back after my friend’s dog died when his collar caught on a window latch while my friend was out. My dog’s lead caught on a seat belt pod as she got out of the car just now. I clip the lead to only one ring on the collar when travelling and the collar released as expected. It may well have prevented an injury. Thank you Keepsafe! The collar is well made, with good quality fittings. It is soft and flexible enough for my very fine-coated staffy cross. Some collars rub her but this one is fine. I’ll never go back to using a normal collar, especially after today’s incident.