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Calm Your Dog with the Sentry Collar

For more than a decade we’ve worked side by side with leading pet experts and top universities researching safe, effective ways to help pets lead happier, less stressful lives.

Sentry calming collar for dogs is scientifically proven to reduce the fear of loud Noises, excessive barking, and destructive behavior. This collar releases calming pheromones for your dog for 30 days. Safe and effective for use by dogs of all ages and breeds.

Does Your Dog suffer from:

WE CAN REDUCE FEAR OF LOUD NOISES: Sentry calming collars for dogs are scientifically proven to reduce the fear of loud noises, bad behaviors, and excessive barking among dogs.

WE CAN REDUCE STRESS: The Sentry calming dog collar reduces the fear of loud noises, such as thunderstorms and fireworks.

WE CAN ELIMINATE UNWANTED BEHAVIOR: Sentry Dog calming collar helps stop your dog’s or puppy’s excessive barking.

SAFE & EFFECTIVE: This calming canine collar is safe and effective when used as directed, without long-term side effects.

30 DAY RELEASE: Sentry calming collar for dogs and puppies releases pheromones for up to 30 days.

Sentry Behavior and Calming Collar for Dogs    Sentry Behavior and Calming Collar for Dogs Sentry Behavior and Calming Collar for Dogs

Did you know that up to 4 million dogs and cats are euthanized in shelters each year? The number one reason owners site for bringing them in behavioral problems they can’t resolve .

This is Delta. I’ve, worked in training and placement of real English pets for many years. One of the most common reasons I hear from people who bring their pets into shelters is their behavior is out of control for some pets acting out as a result of excessive stress that may be separation, anxiety, distress of a new pet in the home moving or Stress from a new baby in the home, some pets are fearful of loud noises like thunder fireworks.

The Sentry calming collar, which I have here, is one way a pet owner can help their pet deal with that stress and anxiety. The caller ‘ S include good behavior, pheromone technology that helps soothe the anxiety, their feelings when the anxieties reduced behaviors like inappropriate, marking, excessive meowing and barking chewing and scratching also a lesson and, in some cases, stop the patented pheromone.

In the century, common collars mimics the natural pheromone produced by mothers to calm their young and reduces stress in new or stressful environments or situations. These pheromone collars have been shown to be very effective in scientific studies.

They are proven to modify both the behavior and physiology brought on by stress the help, improve or eliminate behaviors, including cowering and pacing, and even reduce the heart rate of nervous pets.

As you can see, it’s very easy to use the color. You just take it out of the package like this now some flaking can happen, but this is very normal. This is just a carrier material around the collar, not the actual pheromone technology.

The pheromones are infused into the material of the collar, similar to how a flea and tick collars made. This powder is not harmful to pets or people at all and the flaking will subside in a short time.

The pheromones continue to work throughout the 30 days. The color is used you just pop the collar on to the dog or cat in term away any excess collar. You have with scissors, you want the color to fit comfortably, not tightly.

The color for cats actually has a breakaway mechanism for safety as well, because we know cats like to climb the color will break away if it’s caught on something you’ll, also notice a nice fresh, lavender chamomile sent to the Best part of these collars they go over your pet goes so for active dogs and cats.

This is an ideal way to help them with pheromones pheromone callers can be used by themselves and can also help in combination with behavior training, so that’s. My take on the century calming collar, which you can pick up at pet specialty stores like petsmart and petco.

I hope it will help your pet to behavioral issues and help both you and your pet live together with less stress

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  • Kirk says:

    This did not work for our dog. Says it’s guaranteed but after the 30 day trial, item can no longer be returned.