Zenify Dog Bowl Slow Feeder – Large 500ml Healthy Eating Pet Interactive Feeder


Dog Bowls – with Anti-Skid Non-Slip Grip Base

We want our beloved dogs to eat healthily. The slow feeding bowl is carefully designed to slow down feeding and encourages our dogs to eat at a slower pace. The benefits of this can include reduced bloating, overeating, vomiting and obesity. For your pet, you can rest assured that they can rediscover their fun and natural foraging skills with every meal.

We understand how important your pet’s health is, which is why the Zenify bowl feeder puts pet safety first. This bowl is made with food-safe, high-strength ABS materials, and is phthalete free. The internal pattern is designed with no sharp edges and is bite resistant. Give yourself the flexibility you need to feed your pet wet, dry or raw food meals.

Zenify Dog Bowl Slow Feeder


We all know that sound of a food bowl being dragged across a floor. Zenify’s unique bowl base design contains four anti skid feet to give your bowl the floor grip as your pet feeds. A great surprise gift for a pet owner who’s always concerned.

The curved obstacles and smooth finish makes this bowl simple to rinse clean after use.

📏 20.2cm base length
📏20.2cm base width
📏4.8cm base height
📏16.5cm inside bowl diameter
⚙️ 500ml volume of food the bowl holds

Other Product Features:
✅ Suitable for wet or dry food
✅ Suitable for all sized canines 🐶
✅ Modern colours to suit home decor
✅ Great gift idea for new pet owners

Zenify Dog Bowl Slow Feeder 1

Our target with this type of bowl is to Reduce Overeating Bloating Vomiting Obesity for Wet Dry Raw Food and Water (Blue)


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  • Alex Ferreira says:

    This is no high-tech device, neither will it train your dog to eat slower by itself. But it does add an extra level of challenge to the usually bowl and it can get your dog entertained (or frustrated)! I am happy with it.

  • Rebecca says:

    This product does a great job of slowing my Labrador down during meal times. It is a light material but still sturdy enough to get the job done, and the colour is lovely.It’s a bit of a pain to clean but that is unavoidable because of the design of the bowl and as the whole point is to slow down feeding it wouldn’t serve its purpose otherwise…so I wouldn’t let that deter the use of this bowl.

  • TroyH OZ says:

    We needed a way to slow our rescue Staffy down from gulping all of his food in two breaths! This is a fantastic solution. The bowl is a good size so you can fit plenty of food in it and it absolutely slows down his eating as advertised. Doesn’t slip around much while he is trying to work out the last pieces of food. Also made of sturdy plastic.Overall very happy would purchase and recommend.