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The BEST ECollar for Your DOG

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nyzioprjgJM&pp=ygUbZG9nIHRyYWluaW5nIGNvbGxhciByZXZpZXdz My favorite e-collar in the world and the very very best e-collar i’ve ever tried is the martin systems chameleon, 3b and micro b collar. Let me tell you why. First of all, the extender moves the prongs out to the side of your dog’s neck. So there’s no risk of arcing because you’re…

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Barkwise antibark collars

BarkWise (Collars) are safe, using vibrations and ultrasound to train your dog

BarkWise (Collars) are safe, they are humane and they really work. The above statement is a bold one, however its a fact that the Goodlife Barkwise Collars work to stop barking and when used correctly in training they remove a number of issues that too often arise when dog training starts. We are aware that you love…

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A review of the Sportdog Brand No Bark Collars

Programmable Bark Collar – Waterproof & Submersible, Black The SportDOG Brand no bark 10 is easy-to-use, effective, and customizable with 2 modes of operation: progressive correction and user-select. The user-select mode is designed for those high-drive dogs who are unaffected by the lower levels of static stimulation and tend to bark through the first levels…

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