The BEST ECollar for Your DOG

My favorite e-collar in the world and the very very best e-collar i’ve ever tried is the martin systems chameleon, 3b and micro b collar. Let me tell you why. First of all, the extender moves the prongs out to the side of your dog’s neck.

So there’s no risk of arcing because you’re getting a much better connection with any standard e-collar. When you only have two connections trying to connect to one point in the dog’s neck, you have issues where it may not be connecting and you have to cinch the collar.

Very very tight, which is uncomfortable for your dog. The martin chameleon has solved that problem really quickly and really really simply another great feature contact measurement. That means, when i turn this collar on you’re, going to see a series of lights flashing.

What those lights are telling me right now is: i have no contact on the dog’s skin or on any skin. So if i were to just touch here, you can see, even though i’m touching two prongs, i’m not getting a solid connection, because i’m touching two reds.

If i touch two blacks same thing, but if i touch a red and a black, i’ve got solid connection, take it off again: red and red red and black i’ve got a connection. The most important thing for your dog is that the collar connects to the skin.

So that the contacts are solid onto the skin, therefore, taking away the risk of arcing the collar arcing, the collar means the contacts are not connecting to the skin and the electricity is jumping from the contact to the skin.

The feature of this collar can be completely dialed in via an app doggify which allows you to modify every single one of the settings in this caller, including the amount of stimulation at each level means you can take a number one, two, three and four and set Them to any different stimulation, you want very, very low settings very moderate settings very, very high settings easy to adjust simple to use.

Both of these colors are extremely lightweight the lightest weight colors i have ever seen, and that’s one of the things i always look for in a collar. I want it to be lightweight which makes it almost transparent to the dog, along with the standard options that most collars have, which are momentary, stimulation, consistent stimulation tone and vibrate.

Some collars have a ramp setting. Now these collars have a ramp setting, but they also have the ability to turn off all stimulation settings in the collar. If you were to travel to a territory where e-collars or simulation collars are not allowed, the collar can be used simply as a tone and vibrate collar in any territory that doesn’t allow a stimulation collar.

When you return back to where you live and you’re allowed to use the stimulation, there simply get back into your dogfight app reinstitute the settings to be able to use stimulation and you’re back in business.

Both the collars function with either of the remote controls from martin systems, the pt 3000, which you can see this one, is very, very old. I’Ve had it for at least 10 years still works perfectly or the brand new one.

They just sent me a couple weeks ago. The k9, which is an amazing and beautiful unit to use, has an amazing color lcd screen very, very durable. The antenna is solid, not going to break off. This remote also allows your collar to function in another way and that is in a decreasing ramp.

So you have an increasing ramp where you can go from any number say three, four, five, six seven! This one allows you to reverse that to go from seven six. Five four three, an amazing feature either. One of these is great.

You can use this remote with up to four different colors, this one you could use with two different colors, so you could put one collar on this side and another on this side. So, as you see, there’s a little blue nail polish on this side, yellow nail polish on this side.

That means this side here is goofy’s collar. This side here is maya’s collar and i’ll, always know where i am correcting and where i’m stimulating and i saved the best feature for last. This is the feature i’ve loved since i used my first martin collar over 10 years ago, and that is this little thing right here.

That is a finger. Kick the most amazing revolution. I have ever seen in dog training this little button. I can program to any button on my remote now. That being said, i have to confess to you that i have a whole bunch of finger kicks that.

I have programmed to every single button on my remote control, which means the remote control goes into my pocket. I work my dog with a single button. Look how small that is! Look how ergonomic it is.

It’S so easy to use a couple great features about that. I can still use, treats and feed the dog. I can still use toys and play with a dog. I can still praise my dog, my hand is not consumed by holding the remote control for the dog.

My hand is now free to do my training, my interaction with my dog and it’s exactly the picture. I want my dog to see nothing in my hands. Nothing to affect our relationship, it’s a game changer when it comes to training.

Your dog i’ve put a link in the description down below where you can order complete kit with the remote the collar and the finger kick as well as individual products, i’ll list them all down below. You won’t be sorry.

It’S worth. Every penny you’ll spend you

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